Be in the know before you throw


1. Must be 15 years of age to throw

2. Waiver must be signed before throwing

3. Closed toe shoes are required

4. Pizza, popcorn and other snacks available

5. No outside beverage permitted

6. Local craft beer and wine

7. Full self expression required

Each party will be assigned 1 of 3 throwing lanes with 2 targets per lane.

Groups of 15 or more will be assigned 2 throwing lanes having 4 targets for the group.

What To Do Upon Arrival
Upon arrival head over to the bar where we will have waivers for you to review and sign.

Please have your ID’s ready!

Time to order your first round of drinks!

Hang out at the bar or lounge area for a few minutes while we prep your lane by fully sanitizing tables, wood slabs, axe handles, and clearing wood chips off the floor from the previous group.
Your Lane Is Ready!
Next, you will be seated at your designated throwing lane to go over safety instructions and training on how to throw.

An instructor will be with you until each member of your group feels comfortable throwing on their own.

The floor is yours at this point. We will check with you periodically for any further guidance, questions, or needs you may have!

Time Is Up
With 15 to 20 minutes left in your reservation time, your party will be given notice the 2 hour reservation is almost up and the party can begin to settle up their tabs at the bar.

Be Safe and have fun!